Help your customers find you!
If you don't show up in location searches when and where you want, your business is missing  the easiest time to convert customers.  

Scan the  health of your listing  on;  Google, Apple, Yelp, Facebook,  Foursquare, Bing, Yahoo, White Pages and 60+ more maps, apps, search engines, and directories .
Why onGRID?
2 in 3 Business  listings contain
incorrect information...  ​
73% of consumers lose trust in a local business when they find incorrect information about that business online.  

Mobile search (including store hours, specialty products & discounts) is the new way costumers find products and services.  

By 2020, over 1/2 of searches will be voice recognition.  

Google, Apple,  Yelp, Facebook and others reward accuracy, location, relevancy and prominence to serve  the best result.  
75% of voice/mobile  
searches result in purchase!
When customers search for a geographic location, their intention to buy is at it's highest!
Our software scrubs publications for your location accuracy and relevancy — so customers find you when they need you...     
Voice search accuracy will determine customers find you no matter where they look.  ​​
  Are you
On the Grid
in your town?   
 87% of consumers won’t consider a local business with low ratings.

onGRID drives new efficiencies, win high-intent customers, and cultivate rich interactions everywhere online.

Customers will know and believe your business is the best physician, contractor, dentist, auto repair, attorney, electrician, restaurant, plumber, physical therapist, roofer or hair salon in town!!

How it works...
OnGrid marketing is a new agency focused on helping companies maximize sales opportunitie from mobile search.  
We have a range of capabilities and experience (such as design, development, strategy, branding,  positioning, growth and more), improving your listings is the first priority to your business.   Afterward we're more than happy to explore additional areas to help your company grow.  ​
OnGrid Local Presence  & Listing Manager
Direct Integration — Straight to the publishing source correction including: Google, Facebook, Apple, Yelp and dozens others

Lock In —  Definitively command what information  you want publishers to see, including: name, address, phone number, hours of operation, special offers, etc.

Real time —  Updates occur exactly when you make them.  
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The team at OnGrid really care about helping local businesses like ours gain attention from current and potential customers.  We love the way the OnGrid offering allows us to control our online presence.

John Mehoff​
​Fairfield, CT

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